Which TIFF Image Compression to Use?

When saving images in TIFF format many software offers to choose image compression for your files. You may wonder which is better, LZW, ZIP, or JPEG or maybe you always keep the default option, which is “None”, because you are afraid that the compression you choose may degrade the quality of your images.

The Nik Collection is Now Completely Free

Nik Collection by Google is now available to everyone, for free. The Nik Collection is a set of powerful photo editing tools that includes noise reduction, HDR processing, image sharpening, black and white conversion, color correction, and many other creative effects.

The original collection’s cost was $500. After Google acquired Nik, the price was lowered to $150 and now the latest Nik Collection will be available to download at no cost. The Nik Collection channel on YouTube with a great number of video tutorials will help to start with basic filter application and enhancement techniques. Happy image processing!

NYPL – Free Public Domain Images and Other Media

Recently, the New York Public Library added high-resolution scans of more than 180,000 public domain texts, images and other media to their digital collection. This latest addition accounts for roughly one-fifth of the multimedia archived by the NYPL; all of which is accessible without any restrictions or requirements.

DropBox for Photographers

As a photographer in the digital photography world, there are many new things you need to think about: Having a place online to share and display your images; Being able to share your images between all of your devices; The ability to access your images from wherever you are; Most importantly, a secure place in which to backup your images.

Automatically Watermark Photographs on Your Blog

One of the biggest concerns of professional photographers is how to showcase their photographs online without inviting unscrupulous individuals to use their work without a permission. The most common solution is to watermark photos to protect their work, but this is often a very time-consuming and tedious process.

Self-portraiture by Cat Lane

With an undying love for beautiful light, incredible color and wonderful people, photographing fashion and portraiture has been Cat Lane’s world since picking up a camera at the age of sixteen. Inspired by the changing of both seasons and trends in England, her work evolves all year round to capture how she sees the world and the people she photographs.

Night Vision Photography

When shooting at night, high ISO, long shutter speeds, and an overall large sensor (in DSLR cameras) are still not enough to capture images in extremely low light situations.

Use Window Light to Add Character to Your Portraits

One of the first things a new photographer learns after getting away from the harsh on-camera flash is lighting models with off camera flashes and strobes. While incomparably better than the pop-up flash, this lighting frequently results in flat non-directional lighting.

Taking Photos in Low Light Conditions

As a photographer, I had been told over the years that light is key. Finding the right light for a specific idea I had in mind became an obsession and would take up so much time, when all I wanted to do was shoot.

What Mode Should I Shoot In?

Many people with a new digital camera ask the question, “What mode should I shoot in?” The answer to this question, like a lot of questions in photography is, “It depends.” It depends on your experience and comfort level with the camera, as well as what you are trying to accomplish.

Aerial Photography by Klaus Leidorf

Klaus Leidorf, a German photographer and pilot of Cessna 172 Skyhawk – a four-seat, single-engine aircraft, takes aerial photos that are simply breathtaking.

How to sell photos with Shutterstock

In the past decade, professional and part-time photographers have been faced with a new but growing market for their work – microstock.

The Nature Conservancy’s 2012 Photo Contest

The Nature Conservancy’s 2012 Digital Photography contest is open for submissions and invites photographers to enter its 7th annual photography competition.

The Business of Photography: Marketing Your Company

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any successful business venture, including photography. Not only must you get the word out that you have launched your photography company, but you have to work at creating a following. Here are a few tips to get you started:

The Business of Photography: Developing a Startup Plan

A passion for photography and a need to generate some extra income are a fabulous combination. However, there is much more to starting a photography business than simply the ability to take a good picture. As with any business venture, getting organized and putting together a plan for success are essential.

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