Managing Mayhem: Survival Guide for a Wedding Shoot

Part II

Now that you’ve mastered the preparation process for a wedding shoot in part 1 of Managing Mayhem: Survival Guide for a Wedding Shoot, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of the special day. In part 2, we will discuss how to handle the challenges of wedding day chaos.

Managing Mayhem: Survival Guide for a Wedding Shoot

Part I

A wedding is one of those occasions in life that must be captured with photos. When a couple entrusts you to photograph their special day, it’s quite an honor.

Kodak EK100: The Rise & Fall of the Instant Camera

Two companies recognized around the globe, Polaroid and Kodak, spent many years going head to head in the photography world.

The World’s Most Expensive Photograph

The work of renowned German photographer from Leipzig Andreas Gursky titled “Rhine II” sold on November 8, 2011 at Christie’s New York auction for $4.3385 million. This panoramic photo of Rhine – one of the largest rivers in Europe – is one of the six editions created ​​in 1999 by Gursky. The glass-mounted work is 73 x 143 in. (185.4 x 363.5 cm).

Getting Started with Macro-Photography

Many amateur and seasoned photographers eventually find their way into macro photography. Because of its presentation, it often looks too difficult to master. But with a little trial and error, any artist can be a brilliant macro photographer. Just like shooting sports, wildlife, weddings, and other areas, it requires a bit of experimentation to get comfortable.

Imaging USA 2012

Imaging USA, the longest running photographic convention and image exhibition in the United States, will bring together thousands of professional photographers to inspire, educate, and entertain. Imaging USA will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA, from January 15-17, 2012.

Portraits by Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries lives in Manchester in the United Kingdom. He began his career in sports photography but now, many of his models are homeless people that he has met in Europe and in the United States.

Christopher Boffoli’s Disparity

In this interview we are featuring photographer Christopher Boffoli from Seattle, USA. Christopher’s “Disparity” series, images of various food and miniature figures of people, who carrying out everyday activities, has become very popular around the internet.

Photos by Oleg Duryagin (Dou)

Artist from Moscow Oleg Duryagin, also known under the name Oleg Dou, creates enigmatic images of people. For the most part, these are children and women with unusually expressive features and in-depth look.

Shutterstock Helps to Upload Video Clips

If you sell footage through Shutterstock and have accumulated a large number of files that you would like to upload for review, Shutterstock will help you with that.

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