Point-and-Shoot: Tips for Great Photos

Point and Shoot: Tips for Taking Fabulous Photos With Any Camera

Whether you have a $10,000 camera or a $10 disposable point and shoot, fabulous photos are always possible. Here are some tips to take frame-worthy photos with any camera:

1. Get a little closer. Ever taken a photo and noticed excessive background surrounding a tiny subject?
For instance, a shot of grandma standing by a colorful tree, only grandma appears a mile away. Sometimes in our attempt to capture the beauty of nature with our subject, we lose sight of the true focus of the photo – the person in it. Move a little closer and zero in on your subject with a touch of the background object in view. You still capture the color or texture you are seeking, while keeping the focus on the person you are photographing.
Another way to bring the beauty of an object or nature into your photograph without losing sight of the true subject is to seize and integrate the item. For example, if you have a vibrant colored azalea bush and want your child to stand in front of it for a photo. Rather than lose sight of the child with an overwhelming bush, trim one of the best blossoms and have your little one hold the flower in her hands and look at it, smell it or just smile, cupping it in her palms and looking up at you. This makes for a perfect closeup shot of your child, while adding a touch of color and interest.

2. Pause and focus. In our haste, we often snap too fast, hoping to capture a perfect shot. Take time with any camera and pause for a second, press the button down to shoot, then stop with the button half way down. This allows your camera to focus on the subject you are targeting. Once the person or object is in focus, press the button the rest of the way to capture your image. You will find this trick will make a tremendous difference in the quality of your photographs, eliminating blurry shots.

3. Rid the redeye. There is nothing worse than taking a great photo of someone, only to wind up with evil looking eyes on the subject. Most cameras come with a red eye reduction option. Look for the eyeball icon and set the dial. This should rid most of your photos of redeye.
However, for stubborn shots that still wind up with creepy eyes, there are easy ways to remedy the problem. Most computer programs include some form of photo editing tools with a redeye removal option. This is typically accomplished with just a click of the cursor on the redeye. For those without photo editing programs, many photo labs sell redeye eliminator pens that allow you to place a dot on the eye and remove the redeye. Most photo labs will also assist you in removing redeye when printing your photos.

Keep these three basic tips in mind the next time you are snapping for fabulous photos with any camera.