Which TIFF Image Compression to Use?

When saving images in TIFF format many software offers to choose image compression for your files. You may wonder which is better, LZW, ZIP, or JPEG or maybe you always keep the default option, which is “None”, because you are afraid that the compression you choose may degrade the quality of your images.

The Nik Collection is Now Completely Free

Nik Collection by Google is now available to everyone, for free. The Nik Collection is a set of powerful photo editing tools that includes noise reduction, HDR processing, image sharpening, black and white conversion, color correction, and many other creative effects.

The original collection’s cost was $500. After Google acquired Nik, the price was lowered to $150 and now the latest Nik Collection will be available to download at no cost. The Nik Collection channel on YouTube with a great number of video tutorials will help to start with basic filter application and enhancement techniques. Happy image processing!