Self-portraiture by Cat Lane

With an undying love for beautiful light, incredible color and wonderful people, photographing fashion and portraiture has been Cat Lane’s world since picking up a camera at the age of sixteen. Inspired by the changing of both seasons and trends in England, her work evolves all year round to capture how she sees the world and the people she photographs.

Aerial Photography by Klaus Leidorf

Klaus Leidorf, a German photographer and pilot of Cessna 172 Skyhawk – a four-seat, single-engine aircraft, takes aerial photos that are simply breathtaking.

A Splash of Rose

Nothing could be more fitting than the title “A Splash Of Rose” for this image by Anthony Chang, a student photographer with a brilliant eye for creating the unusual.

Awkward Stock Photos from Shutterstock

Anyone can sell images through microstock agencies, and is free to take photos on any subject. But some photographers take it too far.

Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka is a self-taught photographer from Prague, Czech Republic. Martin has received numerous awards for his work and has exhibited his images around the world. His extraordinary photographs show the boundary between dreaming and awakening.

Dali Atomicus by Philippe Halsman

Philippe Halsman entered the world by way of Riga on May 2, 1906. Educated in Germany, Philippe was just 15 years of age when he captured his first photographs and was quickly taken by the art of photography.

Portraits by Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries lives in Manchester in the United Kingdom. He began his career in sports photography but now, many of his models are homeless people that he has met in Europe and in the United States.

Christopher Boffoli’s Disparity

In this interview we are featuring photographer Christopher Boffoli from Seattle, USA. Christopher’s “Disparity” series, images of various food and miniature figures of people, who carrying out everyday activities, has become very popular around the internet.

Photos by Oleg Duryagin (Dou)

Artist from Moscow Oleg Duryagin, also known under the name Oleg Dou, creates enigmatic images of people. For the most part, these are children and women with unusually expressive features and in-depth look.